In the modern world, Internet resources, as well as newsletters, are an almost basic sales resource. Manually distribute the newsletter — the waste of a huge amount of time and resources. SMS services come to the rescue. They simplify the work of many companies, and therefore become simply indispensable.

Sms service provider api, in turn, provides users with official operator channels. A reliable provider helps its customers to make an advertising SMS campaign as efficient as possible, as well as quickly and conveniently configure it.

The SMS service provider offers a mass mailing SMS messages, sending messages to messengers, professional technical and legal support.

Where use SMS mail.

SMS-mailing is an effective method of attracting customers and a universal way to promote business. It stopped with many successful companies. SMS mailing is popular in 1. Banks, 2. Supermarkets, 3. Clothing stores, etc. In addition, mobile operators are actively developing this direction, offering subscribers of souporls and stocks.

The SMS provider provides an SMS-gateway system through which sent messages go to the Mobile Operator Message Center.
The SMS service card forms its tariff net based on the prices that the cellular operator offers. Not every SMS provider checks its network for spam.
If the provider’s company (SMS service) cannot provide documents for permission to provide SMS services, you can safely look for another.

You can configure the shipment at your discretion without the risk of duplication and bypassing the subscribers from the blacklist, which will save money for other tasks.

The SMS focuses special attention to the quality of posting messages, protection and confidentiality of data. There is a secure personal account and API, as well as the ability to connect client equipment for encrypted tunnels (SSL, VPN).
Check for a legal entity. SMS service, of course, is not the operator, so the absence of such a license does not mean anything about the quality of service.
Indeed, a significant proportion of our SMS traffic is generated by Internet and cable television providers. Of course, working with such clients is part of our strategy, that is, it can be said, she (strategy) gives its results.